"Adoption is the most intentional process on earth." - Jody Cantrell

Jody Cantrell Dyer said, “Adoption is the most intentional process on earth.” Never has my soul felt truer words on a deeper, more encompassing level. Although we’ve only been looking for a month, Joseph and I have never gotten our hopes up more consistently than we have in the last few weeks. This journey is, by far, one of the craziest we’ve set out on, and although my heart doesn’t appreciate the ups and downs of it all, I think of all the experiences I’ve had, testifying that there is a child, birthed by another woman, that I will have the privilege of loving and raising. So until then, we keep on keeping on, wearing our heart on our sleeves, getting our hopes up far more quickly than we should, and praying harder than ever we will find that sweet spirit meant to come to our home.