Joseph and I have felt very strongly that adoption is the way we want to start our family, and after years of conversations we know that now is the time to do it. We have chosen to pursue a private adoption, which means that we are not using an agency to match us with an expectant mother and baby; rather, we are hoping to find an expectant mother and baby on our own and of course, with YOUR help.

Private adoption is made possible by word of mouth, shares on social media and remembering us within your conversations in your own circles.

We are incredibly humbled to begin this journey & unbelievably excited to find baby Orgill & give him or her a life filled with love and happiness.

PLEASE share/re-post this and tag me and Joseph in your stories/posts so others can be directed to our profile. Sharing our profile link, social media accounts and email address will help us IMMENSELY. 

Website: adoptingbabyorgill.com
Sending ALL our love, Joseph and Kenna Orgill